Brewster’s Small Business Holiday Promotion



Small businesses are part of what makes this area such a popular destination in the spring, summer & fall. But what about the winter? It’s no secret that Harbor Country and the surrounding region slows down once the cold weather hits. Quite frankly, it’s tough for many local places to make it through the slow season. With the holidays right around the corner, we’re taking action to support local businesses & we hope you’ll join us too. Look, we get it. We love Amazon & Target too..(a lot, probably too much). Yet without all the unique spots we have in the area, we wouldn’t be developing like we are today.

Starting November 24th until December 31st, we’ll be giving out $10 gift cards with your Brewster’s purchase when you bring in your receipt for $10 dollars or more (paper or digital) from any locally-owned small business. Whether it’s a restaurant, bakery, boutique, grocery store, vet, bookstore, law office, accountant (and everything in between), we’re calling on the entire community to not only share this, but act on it & support one another with more than just words. Action is everything.

A few guidelines: You can only use one receipt per check & no finagling receipts (let’s keep this good-natured, please) can only use a receipt once. The receipt must be from a purchase of at least $10 from another business. Once you receive your Brewster’s gift card, it must be used on a future visit. Obviously, no receipts from big chains will be accepted. Exclusions apply, but we’re trying to be as accommodating as possible. It’s time to give back to our community, our local businesses and most importantly, to one another. Shop small. Shop local. Cheers!

Remember, promotion starts November 24th!

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