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Dessert Menu

maple vanilla cheesecake

a cranberry orange compote drizzled on top w/ whipped cream

oreo truffles (3)

white chocolate, dark chocolate & cocoa dusted truffles


our specialty dessert: espresso-soaked lady fingers, marscapone & chocolate drizzle

brownie caramel tiramisu

perfect for sharing

crème brûlée

made in-house *GF

carrot cake

with cream cheese frosting

double chocolate mousse

made in-house, rich & decadent

italian lemon cream cake

dusted w/ powdered sugar

apple, pear, & cherry crumble

served warm w/ whipped cream


freshly baked every morning

chocolate chunk, royal, lemon blueberry, caramel apple oatmeal, and peanut butter


espresso, cappuccino, latte, chai, mocha

brewster's specialty cafe drinks

glacier cappuccino, iced hazelberry latte, iced white raspberry mocha, cinnamon roll cappuccino, raspberry mocha, hot chocolate

hot tea

japanese sencha green tea, english breakfast tea, raspberry decaf tea, cinnamon spice black tea, herbal decaf ceylon black tea

all of our drinks can be made with soy milk + flavored syrups